Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Greenest Finale, Find the Raiders Camp!

Thursday 30th Oct 2014

[…. With little rest after saving the townsfolk who were hiding in the sanctuary Governor Nighthill again asks our heroes to come to the towns aid. ….]

Encounter 1. Save the Mill

Leaving the keep via the secret tunnel our heroes decide speed rather than stealth is needed and take to the road running towards the besieged Mill.

Thankfully a few of our heroes where eagle eyed enough to see that the Mill was in fact a trap, but decide to press on with the attack and clear the Mill of raiders.

The battle outside the Mill was over quickly with the heroes quickly making short work of the small force of kobolds. The battle in side the keep however was a much harder battle , our heroes were outnumbered 2 to 1, their hardest battle yet that saw both the cleric Harbek and Morris fall during the battle of the Mill.

With 2 members down our remaining heroes dispatched the raiders saving Harbek & Morris.

Encounter 2. Champions Fight

Before dawn Langdedrosa Cyanwrath calls out a challenge to the defenders of Greenest… there champion versus him. In exchange he will release 4 prisoners he has captive.

Humphrey Augustus answers the challenge and immediately heads out of the keep to face the half-dragon…

Most thought our hero Augustus would be quickly defeated by Langedrosa but someone the champion of Greenest managed to survive several minutes dueling the half-dragon inflicting many wounds before falling to the beasts greatsword.

[…. The end of the duel signaled the end of the raid, with the raiders leaving Greenest before the sun had fully come up. Meanwhile with the aid of Governor Nighthill’s healers and shear constitution Augustus life was saved. ….]

[…. The next day Governor Nighthill asks our adventures to follow the raiders and learn the location of their camp and gather any information about the raiders they can. ….]

[…. Before the heroes set off to follow the raiders they are approached by a young monk Nesim Waladra who asks the heroes to look for his master Leosin Erlanthar when they reach the raiders camp as he believes that his master was either captured or has sneak into the camp to find out information about the raiders. ….]

Encounter 3. Stragglers

After nearly two days following the raiders tracks, the heroes come across a group of stragglers from the raiding party. The heroes quickly overpower raiders while they are eating and arguing managing to capturing one, who upon questioning alerts the heroes to a rearguard ambush setup further along the pass protecting the raiders camp.

[…. To be continued ….]


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