Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Fat Bardstard in the Hall of Mirrors

Even Big Rooms Look small when Fat Bardstard enters them.

First off tonight we got an offer to go up the chute, as enticing as that sounds we decide to head to the dining room full of Bearded Hipsters. Augustus looks up the anals of history to see what he knows about Bearded Hipsters, they are normally found serving coffee and are not considered tough at all.
[Beer Break]
Back again and the Hipsters are working for a dominatrix. In a stunning development it appears we are not supposed to kill them.
[Interest Break]
Time to roll initiative something about ghosts and a sphincter. Heading down the corridor 10ft at a time, Harbek notices a break in the space time continuum ahead with the next room appearing much larger than indicated on the map, by a factor of 2.
Harbek saves the day again with a quick cast of Turn Undead, that’s right, “Be Gone Foul Fiends, Go West!”
[Insert some plot]
Heading off into another room, the party encounter a another rip in the space time continuum, this time the room they just entered double in size. Turns out we were back in the room full of Bearded Hipsters at the table, but now they are up and have drawn glaives from bags of holding that they must have had while sitting that the table.
Eventually Harbek get;s his turn and angelic creatures start to circle him, taking the hipster down in large chunks of damage. Haha suffer in your Calvin Klein Y-fronts and skinny jeans, scum.
Fat Bardstard goes all WWF and starts throwing pandas at the Hipsters, Kara Bersk runs away shooting cheating arrows at random people. Everyone else turned up, so good job people.

Moving along we cross yet another dimensional barrier moving again from 10ft to 5ft. The entire party feel faint every time this occurs. In this room is a large pool of water, Harbek sees the pond and there is no stopping the Turd Express now, He lifts his robes and takes a shit in the water.

We decide this is the place to make the personal sacrifice, we throw the Staff of Fire in the to the pool and it is not enough. Harbek takes the brave step of bleeding onto the pond, but more is needed and Harbek is our man. He thrusts his hand into the pond, gets the required information from the pool and loses a hand. Right so see if anyone else has done as much for the party, Harbek is going to need all the party loot to buy a new hand.


Coweater Rexd666

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