Hoard of the Dragon Queen

All Spies Must Die!!

Stairway to Hell!

Picking up where they left off, the party firstly discovered that the Paladin had somehow died in the bag of holding, perhaps having drowned in the ale from his Everful Mug! Kara assists Stumpy Harbek by securing his shield to his newly shortened left arm with some fancy rope work skills and the team look around the pond room for the exit indicated by the vision of Darren’s location gained at the cost of the Cleric’s hand (good thing he doesn’t have to touch himself to heal!).

Eventually, the sharp-eyed Augustus spots a secret door on the far wall, but soon discovers the mechanism for opening said door is on the other side (Bloody useless!!). Flexing his muscles, the bearded fighted heaved the secret door up to his knees – resulting in some surprised Draconic shouts and some pointy sticks being jabbed in his general direction. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Fat Bardstard launched a fireball through the gap below the door, turning the shouting to more satisying screams. Encouraged by the Bards success, Peren decided to show him how to do a real fireball and let off one of his own… after which there were no more screams.

Heaving the door the rest of the way, and securing the mechanism, the party passed through the door to discover the burned bodies of five lizardmen,

Continuing along the passage, they soon came to the top of some stairs which lead down to a rickety wooden bridge. As they were about to head down the stairs and across the bridge, a group of six more Lizardmen and two creatures with humanoid bodies with snake heads (Yuan-Ti) approached from the other side, blocking their progress. Seems someone had allowed one of the Lizardfold to get away and sound the alarm.

Stairway to Heaven (or perhaps Hell!)

Striding out onto the bridge with singular purpose, Augustus met the Lizardfold head on, while Kara, Fat Bardstard, Peren and Stumpy Harbek offered support from range and relative safety of the staircase. One-by-one they picked off the Lizardfolk, until the fighter fell from the slippery wooden bridge, barely managing to grab hold with his free hand, dangling above the dark chasm that dropped below him. As the Lizardfolk focussed on getting the fighter to fall (or at least drop his Greataxe) the others continued to take the enemy down. Tired of being targetted, Augustus decided to attack the bridge directly causing the remaining Lizardmen to plummet to their deaths, while some magical swarm kept the Yuan-Ti occupied. Eventually failing a check the fighter fell from his precarious position, but was saved by the quick thinking Bard as he cast “Feather fall” to slow his progress.

However, as the Fat Bardstard was casting he was overcome with the clear insight that the Warlock amongst them was in fact a spy!! And that all efforts must be made to stop the traitor in his tracks!!

Perhaps not realising that Augustus was no longer falling to his peril, Peren leapt off the stairs to his companions rescue, casting Fly on himself so as to be able to catch the Fighter before he reached his untimely doom. Seeing this as his opportunity Durlan cast Dispel Magic, removing the Warlock’s ability to fly and seeing him now falling to his own death. Not exactly sure what was going on behind her, but realising there was no longer anyone standing their ground to take out the last of the Yuan-Ti, Kara crossed the bridge, making great use of her immovable rods, and approached the top of the stairs on the far side.

By some miraculous means, Peren discovered that as a Warlock he had some innate ability to levitate at will, thus saving himself from fall that would almost surely prove to be his demise. Seeing that the spy had somehow saved himself, Fat Bardstard transformed into a mighty Adult Blue Dragon and swooped down upon his quarry – knocking him down with a quick lightning breath and two fatal claw attacks. As the Warlock’s life force drained from his body, Durlan realised he had been tricked and that Peren was not really a spy, and quickly transformed back from Dragon form, grabbed up the body of the Warlock and dimension doored to the stairs at the top the bridge and (relative safety). This left Augustus, having safely fallen to the bottom of the 120 foot chasm to deal with several (2) Yuan-Ti youth, while Kara was forced to drop her bow and deal with the last of the Yuan-Ti above with her sword.

Eventually the enemies were overcome and the Fighter climbed his way up the wall of the chasm, while Stumpy Harbek took a dump in it’s mighty depths before shimmying his away across what remained of the rickety wooden bridge. Feeling some-what guilty for his actions against Peren, Fat Bardstard provided some much needed healing bringing him back to consciousness.

Regaining their composure, the group resumed standard formation and continued on – where they discovered a conveniently placed secure and abandoned room – where they took advantage of a much needed long rest. (Though the DM was pretty insistent that they should do this).

Long rest passed without interruption and the party headed out to find Darren and the mask. As they left the secured room, they discovered that the remaining chambers had been left abandoned, and that all the Yuan-Ti occupants had fled in the night. Continuing along the passage way, they eventually came across the body of an unconscious Dwarf – Darren.

Giving just enough healing to bring him around, the group questioned the Dward to discover that he no longer had the mask, and that it had already gone to the Well of Dragons, along with important information relating to Sevryn and the Cult.

Kara managed to convince the others that they should take Darren back to Waterdeep, as per the mission they had been tasked with and they did so to great fanfare and celebration from the council. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

You may now all go to Level 10.


Coweater RappScallion

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