Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Into the Berg

When we last left our brave adventurers they had discovered a vast ice cavern within the floating iceberg village. After spending many long hours stuck in this cavern they were able to resume adventuring. (OOC: At 7:50pm after waiting for the GM to turn up…again. 6:30pm is the start time, take your stuff to work, get changed before you leave or when you get here)

In the cavern you have spotted what looks like several large creatures and objects, all frozen and cover in ice. Including a full Long Boat. While exploring the Long Boat you find a chest that contains large quantities of coin and miscellaneous machine parts. Members of the part busy themselves.emptying the chest, while good cleric Harbek stood guard at the entrance.

Suddenly Harbek hears large creatures approaching, and quickly runs into the cavern to shelter from the incoming trouble. Humphrey Augustus Greycastle moves to intercept and the fight quickly ensues. The party makes quick work of the two frost trolls that attempt to relive the party of hit points. One bold troll attempts to barge his way into the room, and almost makes it. But brave Harbek resists the petulant creature’s advances and holds the entrance to the room, thereby bottling up both trolls in the corridor.

The party made their way along the spiral corridor they had traversed to reach the cavern, to head further into the iceberg. The corridor was now lit by blubber oil lanterns. Investigating a side passage they find a dark hole in the floor. They quickly send a- victim- brave volunteer down the hole on a rope. The rope however was too short and the advance party could not be convinced to drop the extra 35 feet to the bottom of the hole. He is hauled back the surface, the cleric takes a shit in the hole and the party moves on.

Further on into the depths of the iceberg the creature quickly despatch another troll guard, this time standing in front of the seal skin tent

We have found the missing Wizard Maccath, who we did not realise we were seeking, but after digging through previous diaries of our adventure we were able to remember what we were looking for.
“How did you get here?” questions Macccath, “I have not been able to penetrate the dragon dragons magic .”
Maccath informs us that some dragon lives further down in the ice, and we will need to kill the dragon before we leave. She is obviously not used to dealing with this particular group of loot whores.
Her party was all killed and she has made a deal with the dragon to research them. The dragons mate had a female wizard and he plans to give her to his mate as a present.

She pulls out a ring of cold resistance and places it on the table and she also provides two arrows of dragon slaying. The party clambers for the ring and the useless fighter Humphrey Augustus Greycastle wins the contest. Feeling sorry for the other useless fighter Kara Bersk the party offers her the arrows. Shaking their heads, fighter with a bow.

She tells the party of the horn they a looking for that was taken about 6 months ago and does not know where it is, however it takes two to blow. It certainly does.She also lets the party know that surprise is the best option to take on the dragon, no shit Sherlock.

The party are looking slightly ragged and decide now would be suitable time to seek some rest. “Perhaps it would be best if the dragon is not aware of how many in your party before you rest.”, making eyes towards the two kobolds standing in the room. Pulling her bow faster than lightning Kara Bersk sends two arrows at the kobolds, misses and forces Humphrey Augustus Greycastle to finish them. Lucky he proves more than up the the task, proclaiming himself Humphrey, Humper of Kobolds.
After a long rest we resume our adventure with much trepidation. Hah not really they remember that time they one shotted a white dragon.

Maccath would like the party to check the scriptorium as she believes some things she needs are held there. They shove everything into the bag, and label it all 11.
In this room they find a hole in the floor leading into Old White Death’s lair. Lashing two ropes together, administering blessings, invisibility and protection from energy around the room, then it is time to get it on.

Humphrey Augustus Greycastle drops to the floor, remembering to hold the rope at the last minute. After some confusion as to how many ropes it will take to descend to the pillar below, then to the next bit and the bit after that, it is decided that 3 ropes will do the trick. Fortunately all this confusion took place before Gus descended.

Peren steps up to the role of point, inspired by absence of his normal brain, and scouts the room. Soon hearing scraping noises outside the range of his vision, he continues to head towards the noise. What a galant Warlock he was, was being the operative word.

Suddenly from nowhere Peren is hit by a gaseous cloud. Ding Ding Round 1

WTF is the Dragon is in the minds of the entire party, except for Peren who is busy retching his guts out and crying for Mummy.

Oh great here he is. Harbek looks at the dragon and quickly pulls out his spell book, scans it puts it away and decides now would be a good time to run. And it was that time, yet he
did not run.

The dragon had a bunch of “legendary” actions, which is code for cheating mofo, and flew around kicking our arses in style. Perin overcome by his own stench, was subsequently caught in a freezing breath weapon from the dragon and went down like a sack of spuds. He was convinced he was dead, but no he would live another few rounds yet.

After kicking Kara Bersk arse, the dragon flew down to attack the cleric, and was met with the awesome power of his Guardian of Faith. Soon the dragon fled in fear of his life scared by the power of Harbek’s god. May also have helped that Kara managed to hit with some arrows for once.

Rejoining with their crew on the boat waiting offshore, the adventurers return to Waterdeep in the company of Maccath.


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