Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Greenest under Attack!

Thursday 16th Oct 2014

[…. With earnest our heroes decided to rush towards Town of Greenest to render aid, reaching the town just before sundown. ….]

Encounter 1. Family Rescue

The heroes came across Linan swift and her husband Cuth and their 3 children fleeing a group of 8 kobolds giving chase across the bridge that leads into town.

After quickly dispatching the kobolds without injury, Linan asks the heroes to help her family reach the keep while there’s still time before the gate is closed.

Encounter 2. Road Block

While sneaking best they can, trying to remain unseen and make their way towards the keep our group finds their path blocked by 3 kobolds and a drake!

Trying to surprise the monsters our rogue and fighter sneak up and fire their bows trying to surprise the monsters, a battle quickly ensures with the monsters meeting a quick end.

[…. Upon reaching the keep Linan and her family the heroes are meet by Escobert the Red the castellan of the keep. Quickly realising our heroes for more than commoners Escobert send the heroes to the roof of the keep to meet Governor Nighthill. Nighthill asks our heroes to capture a prisoner, a commander or low ranking offcier so he can find out what is going on ….]

Encounter 3. Prisoner

Using the old tunnel that runs from the keep’s cellar to the bank of the stream, the players go in search of raiders to capture.

While picking the lock on the tunnel grate, our rogue notices a group of cultists and kobolds searching along the banks of the stream looking for townsfolk. our heroes burst from the tunnel and attacked the group of raiders and manage to take one of the cultists prisoner while cutting down the other raiders.

[…. The party takes a deserved short rest, during which time Nighthill uncovers the identify of the raiders and their mission. Cultists and initiates from the cult of the dragon after loot for their great hoard!
Nighthill again calls upon our heroes after the successful capture of the prisoner to this time make their way over to the town Sanctuary where a number of townsfolk have barricaded themselves inside but are now under threat from 3 groups of raiders ….]

Encounter 4. Sanctuary

Using the old tunnel that runs from the keep’s cellar to the bank of the stream, the players sneak along the stream bank and make their way towards the back of the sanctuary.

With clever planning they easily over power the small group of cultists and kobolds at the back door and manage to convince the frightened townsfolk to leave the sanctuary just as the raiders at the front door being to break it down.

With the townsfolk out of the sanctuary and making their way along the stream’s bank to the old tunnel lead by one of our heroes, our remaining party members setup a defense behind the small stone wall at the back of the sanctuary and dispatch the cultists and kobolds who managed to break through the front door.

While 1 of our heroes sustained severe wounds they all made it back to the keep with the rescued townsfolk and the gratitude of Eadyan Falconmoon.

[…. To be continued ….]


Start of summary is off, should be more like.
After being attacked by rock throwing cretins too cowardly to show their faces, our heroes tend their wounded. Then seeing a dragon flying over the nearby town they all seem affected by concussion and….

Greenest under Attack!

LOL that’s awesome! maybe next session will lead to more bloody letting by hidden attackers…

Greenest under Attack!
Coweater Coweater

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