Hoard of the Dragon Queen

All Spies Must Die!!
Stairway to Hell!

Picking up where they left off, the party firstly discovered that the Paladin had somehow died in the bag of holding, perhaps having drowned in the ale from his Everful Mug! Kara assists Stumpy Harbek by securing his shield to his newly shortened left arm with some fancy rope work skills and the team look around the pond room for the exit indicated by the vision of Darren’s location gained at the cost of the Cleric’s hand (good thing he doesn’t have to touch himself to heal!).

Eventually, the sharp-eyed Augustus spots a secret door on the far wall, but soon discovers the mechanism for opening said door is on the other side (Bloody useless!!). Flexing his muscles, the bearded fighted heaved the secret door up to his knees – resulting in some surprised Draconic shouts and some pointy sticks being jabbed in his general direction. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Fat Bardstard launched a fireball through the gap below the door, turning the shouting to more satisying screams. Encouraged by the Bards success, Peren decided to show him how to do a real fireball and let off one of his own… after which there were no more screams.

Heaving the door the rest of the way, and securing the mechanism, the party passed through the door to discover the burned bodies of five lizardmen,

Continuing along the passage, they soon came to the top of some stairs which lead down to a rickety wooden bridge. As they were about to head down the stairs and across the bridge, a group of six more Lizardmen and two creatures with humanoid bodies with snake heads (Yuan-Ti) approached from the other side, blocking their progress. Seems someone had allowed one of the Lizardfold to get away and sound the alarm.

Stairway to Heaven (or perhaps Hell!)

Striding out onto the bridge with singular purpose, Augustus met the Lizardfold head on, while Kara, Fat Bardstard, Peren and Stumpy Harbek offered support from range and relative safety of the staircase. One-by-one they picked off the Lizardfolk, until the fighter fell from the slippery wooden bridge, barely managing to grab hold with his free hand, dangling above the dark chasm that dropped below him. As the Lizardfolk focussed on getting the fighter to fall (or at least drop his Greataxe) the others continued to take the enemy down. Tired of being targetted, Augustus decided to attack the bridge directly causing the remaining Lizardmen to plummet to their deaths, while some magical swarm kept the Yuan-Ti occupied. Eventually failing a check the fighter fell from his precarious position, but was saved by the quick thinking Bard as he cast “Feather fall” to slow his progress.

However, as the Fat Bardstard was casting he was overcome with the clear insight that the Warlock amongst them was in fact a spy!! And that all efforts must be made to stop the traitor in his tracks!!

Perhaps not realising that Augustus was no longer falling to his peril, Peren leapt off the stairs to his companions rescue, casting Fly on himself so as to be able to catch the Fighter before he reached his untimely doom. Seeing this as his opportunity Durlan cast Dispel Magic, removing the Warlock’s ability to fly and seeing him now falling to his own death. Not exactly sure what was going on behind her, but realising there was no longer anyone standing their ground to take out the last of the Yuan-Ti, Kara crossed the bridge, making great use of her immovable rods, and approached the top of the stairs on the far side.

By some miraculous means, Peren discovered that as a Warlock he had some innate ability to levitate at will, thus saving himself from fall that would almost surely prove to be his demise. Seeing that the spy had somehow saved himself, Fat Bardstard transformed into a mighty Adult Blue Dragon and swooped down upon his quarry – knocking him down with a quick lightning breath and two fatal claw attacks. As the Warlock’s life force drained from his body, Durlan realised he had been tricked and that Peren was not really a spy, and quickly transformed back from Dragon form, grabbed up the body of the Warlock and dimension doored to the stairs at the top the bridge and (relative safety). This left Augustus, having safely fallen to the bottom of the 120 foot chasm to deal with several (2) Yuan-Ti youth, while Kara was forced to drop her bow and deal with the last of the Yuan-Ti above with her sword.

Eventually the enemies were overcome and the Fighter climbed his way up the wall of the chasm, while Stumpy Harbek took a dump in it’s mighty depths before shimmying his away across what remained of the rickety wooden bridge. Feeling some-what guilty for his actions against Peren, Fat Bardstard provided some much needed healing bringing him back to consciousness.

Regaining their composure, the group resumed standard formation and continued on – where they discovered a conveniently placed secure and abandoned room – where they took advantage of a much needed long rest. (Though the DM was pretty insistent that they should do this).

Long rest passed without interruption and the party headed out to find Darren and the mask. As they left the secured room, they discovered that the remaining chambers had been left abandoned, and that all the Yuan-Ti occupants had fled in the night. Continuing along the passage way, they eventually came across the body of an unconscious Dwarf – Darren.

Giving just enough healing to bring him around, the group questioned the Dward to discover that he no longer had the mask, and that it had already gone to the Well of Dragons, along with important information relating to Sevryn and the Cult.

Kara managed to convince the others that they should take Darren back to Waterdeep, as per the mission they had been tasked with and they did so to great fanfare and celebration from the council. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

You may now all go to Level 10.

Fat Bardstard in the Hall of Mirrors
Even Big Rooms Look small when Fat Bardstard enters them.

First off tonight we got an offer to go up the chute, as enticing as that sounds we decide to head to the dining room full of Bearded Hipsters. Augustus looks up the anals of history to see what he knows about Bearded Hipsters, they are normally found serving coffee and are not considered tough at all.
[Beer Break]
Back again and the Hipsters are working for a dominatrix. In a stunning development it appears we are not supposed to kill them.
[Interest Break]
Time to roll initiative something about ghosts and a sphincter. Heading down the corridor 10ft at a time, Harbek notices a break in the space time continuum ahead with the next room appearing much larger than indicated on the map, by a factor of 2.
Harbek saves the day again with a quick cast of Turn Undead, that’s right, “Be Gone Foul Fiends, Go West!”
[Insert some plot]
Heading off into another room, the party encounter a another rip in the space time continuum, this time the room they just entered double in size. Turns out we were back in the room full of Bearded Hipsters at the table, but now they are up and have drawn glaives from bags of holding that they must have had while sitting that the table.
Eventually Harbek get;s his turn and angelic creatures start to circle him, taking the hipster down in large chunks of damage. Haha suffer in your Calvin Klein Y-fronts and skinny jeans, scum.
Fat Bardstard goes all WWF and starts throwing pandas at the Hipsters, Kara Bersk runs away shooting cheating arrows at random people. Everyone else turned up, so good job people.

Moving along we cross yet another dimensional barrier moving again from 10ft to 5ft. The entire party feel faint every time this occurs. In this room is a large pool of water, Harbek sees the pond and there is no stopping the Turd Express now, He lifts his robes and takes a shit in the water.

We decide this is the place to make the personal sacrifice, we throw the Staff of Fire in the to the pool and it is not enough. Harbek takes the brave step of bleeding onto the pond, but more is needed and Harbek is our man. He thrusts his hand into the pond, gets the required information from the pool and loses a hand. Right so see if anyone else has done as much for the party, Harbek is going to need all the party loot to buy a new hand.

Dwarven Tinder
Swipe Right, Pablo Escobar

[The adventures accompaniment played by Durlen Silverhand] https://www.youtube.com/embed/2BTVvX57_WA

Morning has arrived and Harbek finds himself approaching some caves, exactly how much he drank last night is unclear, but he does not remember breaking camp.

As we approached the caves some of the party spot a lone figure sleeping amongst 3 dead trolls. As they get closer they discover it is a Dwarven Paladin who looks lonely. Turns out he is also looking for Darren in the Purple Torana. Harbek thinks it would be a great to have another healer, this one seems to actually be interested in his profession. He spins some bullshit for a while, blah, blah, backstory, blah, Cosplay, blah, blah, think he might have chain mail underpants on. Everyone meet Escobar, hence forth known as Pablo.

Two Dragon statues talk to us and offers us two choices, knowledge or wisdom. Some idiot (Death stare at Pablo) abuses them and they go back to sleep.

Into the caves seems like the most likely place for the next plot point, so they head in without a single thought to their safety and preparation. We quickly walk through some Luna Park Clown heads, who had some sort of riddle that we completely ignored and moved onward.

Entering the next room our new friend Pablo, pokes a mosaic, typical Paladin always trying to poke things in the toilet block. From within the mosaic a Chimera emerges, which is some sort of radioactive mutation of a freak. Man this shit is starting to get weird. Reminds me of a joke.

A dragon, a lion and a goat walk into a bar. The dragon drinks too much and wakes up naked with a Lion and a Goat.

Ok so it wasn’t a good joke. But it wasn’t a good fight either and soon the party was ready to move on.

Seeing a door with “Safe” scrawled on it in chalk, the party assumes this is where all the loot for this entire adventure is stored as we certainly have not seen it. At some point we learn that the bard is a very fat bastard, at 330lbs we are surprised that he has any breath to blow in his pan flute.

Disappointingly entering the room they find a well and a toilet/basin. Harbek takes a shit in the well. Augustus draws some water from the well and freshens up in the basin, noticing that the water is slightly brackish.

After carefully checking the double doors leading from this room, it appears that something very big has been bashing on the door. The party heads off down another passage. Brave, brave Sir Robin, not.

The paladin uses his feet to detect traps and soon finds one, good work Pablo. Everyone in the corridor saves as a large boner fills the passage, except for Perren. Perrin instead rides the boner down the corridor and collapses in ecstasy. He begins his death rolls, as the paladin sprints to his aid. Harbek casually saunters down to the accident scene and finds a less than chipper warlock. However the Paladin seems to have saved him for imminent death. (Sorry he is new and didn’t see the DNR tattoo on your chest)

Harbek then heals the party to full health, again. Get some potions will you.

Seeing some sarcophagus’s or is that Sarcophagi, lining the room, Durex the Bard decides to interfere with the dead. This is just like the time they caught him with that cadaver in his bed, or was that a side of beef?

All the Sarcophagi blow open and 6 yummy mummies emerge, no correction they are old, haggard mummies, and they want me to donate to charity again. Harbek casts Turn Undead when he eventually gets a turn, and it is game over. Good work Harbek, you are awesome.

Into the next room we find a large humanoid in a purple toga on the throne, Fat Bard flees through a door, leaving the rest of the party to wipe the giants bottom. Maybe this is the elusive Darren, I am sure it was a Purple Torana, but maybe they meant purple toga. 1.5 rounds and he is down, so I am guessing that this is not Darren as he must be a boss, and this was definitely not a boss fight.

Harbek climbs up on the throne and takes a shit.

Pablo drains another cup of never-ending story. Fat Bard turns up looking for some healing, and attempts to barricade the door he just came through. He breathlessly whispers, “Bearded Hipsters.”

We find some ghoul guarding nothing, she cries like a baby when we point out the room is empty. But she does let us know of a pool where we will need to sacrifice a Staff of Fire, to go any further.

And that is it for this weeks adventure join our brave adventurers again in two weeks when we will take on 10 bearded hipsters. The plan is to distract them with Apple products and scald them with single origin pour over coffee.

Pan Pipes Revenge
A Bard's Tale

Welcome back Sports Fans.
We join our intrepid adventurers back in the city where they meet famous blower of pipes Durlan Silverhand. Maccath has organised a meeting with some council, and they gave us some money for drinking (200 gold should be appropriate amount)

Party is given free time until the important plot point to be revealed the next morning. Humphrey Augustus Greycastle rummaging through party gear finds a strange and unusual No 11. Much soul searching ensues and No 11 was revealed to be a Bunch of Scrolls that need to be identified. Sounds like hard work so no one seems to move forward on this action. Kara Bersk notices that she has a Glaive of Warning on her back, but so far it has failed to warn her that she is travelling with a group of perverts who admire her buttocks as they travel.

[Ducked out of the room for a piss]
Came back and Darren was some guy in a cult and they have some information on worm speakers (WTF?). Darren appears to have lost the White Dragon mask and is looking for the person who has stolen it. The council want us to take Darren out, we are unsure if this is for dinner or a movie? Either way someone is getting lucky tonight.

We need to head to some bridge near some hills. Apparently we are thinly spread with only a few asians. Darren can be spotted by his purple Torana.

Always the opportunists the party asks if we can get a sky ship, but they are all out of them so all they have available are some horses. Humphrey Augustus Greycastle still laments not being able to fit a giant in his bag of holding.

The council had heard that there was a dwarf in a Purple Torana up there from their Asians and that will be Darren. The council have provided the party with unlimited rations for their journey, winter gear and climbing gear.

After 4 days and one take away pizza we come upon a camp at the bridge. We find a newly built keep, some western wagons and people just sleeping on the ground. We head to Bolo’s Inn to get breakfast and whiskey. We learn to our surprise that Bolo is a lady.

The party looks around for Darren but no one in a purple Torana has been seen, nor does anyone in town have a question mark above their head.

The bridge is guarded by some paladins from some unknown religious sect, the catholic church.

After much bribery the barman Marco opens up about some dwarf in a purple torana, apparently he was some sort of hero. Macro calls Bolo who knows the story and come out to recant the tale.

He was asking questions about the hills and some tall fella asks him what’s his business in the hills. Next thing Darren pulls out an ACDC CD and stabs the yuppy dude to death. When they took the yuppies hood off they realised he was a used car salesman, sorry lizard folk. Apparently this camp is full of rednecks and killing a gator was seen as a heroic act, so they all worship Darren. The sick mother fuckers have the body of the lizard folk on ice, you would think he had arrived on a boat and Darren was actually Scott Morrison..

Harbek decides to speak with the dead to see of the lizard folk knows anything important. Asking 5 questions we learn about his tribe located at Tomb of Diderous, some wizard in the Serpant hills. It is about 5 days travel into the Serpant Hills according to Bolo, through some badlands and some rocky plateaus.

Darren had at least 12, 5, 6, a dozen men with him when he left the bridge. Humphrey Augustus Greycastle heads off to buy rations as the only member of the party who actually bothers eating and marking them off. Good luck to him who can be bothered with menial tasks like that. Harbek meanwhile heads off to take a shit and realises he is out of toilet paper. Luckily Peren’s bedroll was within easy reach and Harbek was not required to track sheets of toilet paper today.

Talking with the Paladins, we find that we have no authority, they can only guard the bridge and one day they will be able to have alter boys.

We set off towards the Purple Python Hills with a guide and a couple of Paladins to ensure we are molested.

We travel for a day before deciding to camp for the night, with 4 watches, Harks sleeps through the night, and no hardcore action is had during the night. We happen upon 3 Hill Giants feasting on some corpses. Peren comes up with the:
a. brilliant plan to attach a bean from his bag of beans to an arrow and fire at them
b. stupid plan to attach a bean from his bag of beans to an arrow and fire at them
“I’ll lock in b thanks Eddie.”

Humphrey Augustus Greycastle says, “Good day gentlemen, have you seen Darren?” As the Hill Giants begin charging.

A distinct lack of flying horses soured this combat session, however at least one flying boulder was sighted. After 12 seconds the giants were despatched and the party resumed their journey.

And then made camp for the night. His Eminence Harbek bedded down for the night and slept well yet again.

See a campfire in the distance..blah..blah that’s it for this week folks. Join us again in two weeks for another exciting episode of Whore of the Dragon Queen.

Into the Berg

When we last left our brave adventurers they had discovered a vast ice cavern within the floating iceberg village. After spending many long hours stuck in this cavern they were able to resume adventuring. (OOC: At 7:50pm after waiting for the GM to turn up…again. 6:30pm is the start time, take your stuff to work, get changed before you leave or when you get here)

In the cavern you have spotted what looks like several large creatures and objects, all frozen and cover in ice. Including a full Long Boat. While exploring the Long Boat you find a chest that contains large quantities of coin and miscellaneous machine parts. Members of the part busy themselves.emptying the chest, while good cleric Harbek stood guard at the entrance.

Suddenly Harbek hears large creatures approaching, and quickly runs into the cavern to shelter from the incoming trouble. Humphrey Augustus Greycastle moves to intercept and the fight quickly ensues. The party makes quick work of the two frost trolls that attempt to relive the party of hit points. One bold troll attempts to barge his way into the room, and almost makes it. But brave Harbek resists the petulant creature’s advances and holds the entrance to the room, thereby bottling up both trolls in the corridor.

The party made their way along the spiral corridor they had traversed to reach the cavern, to head further into the iceberg. The corridor was now lit by blubber oil lanterns. Investigating a side passage they find a dark hole in the floor. They quickly send a- victim- brave volunteer down the hole on a rope. The rope however was too short and the advance party could not be convinced to drop the extra 35 feet to the bottom of the hole. He is hauled back the surface, the cleric takes a shit in the hole and the party moves on.

Further on into the depths of the iceberg the creature quickly despatch another troll guard, this time standing in front of the seal skin tent

We have found the missing Wizard Maccath, who we did not realise we were seeking, but after digging through previous diaries of our adventure we were able to remember what we were looking for.
“How did you get here?” questions Macccath, “I have not been able to penetrate the dragon dragons magic .”
Maccath informs us that some dragon lives further down in the ice, and we will need to kill the dragon before we leave. She is obviously not used to dealing with this particular group of loot whores.
Her party was all killed and she has made a deal with the dragon to research them. The dragons mate had a female wizard and he plans to give her to his mate as a present.

She pulls out a ring of cold resistance and places it on the table and she also provides two arrows of dragon slaying. The party clambers for the ring and the useless fighter Humphrey Augustus Greycastle wins the contest. Feeling sorry for the other useless fighter Kara Bersk the party offers her the arrows. Shaking their heads, fighter with a bow.

She tells the party of the horn they a looking for that was taken about 6 months ago and does not know where it is, however it takes two to blow. It certainly does.She also lets the party know that surprise is the best option to take on the dragon, no shit Sherlock.

The party are looking slightly ragged and decide now would be suitable time to seek some rest. “Perhaps it would be best if the dragon is not aware of how many in your party before you rest.”, making eyes towards the two kobolds standing in the room. Pulling her bow faster than lightning Kara Bersk sends two arrows at the kobolds, misses and forces Humphrey Augustus Greycastle to finish them. Lucky he proves more than up the the task, proclaiming himself Humphrey, Humper of Kobolds.
After a long rest we resume our adventure with much trepidation. Hah not really they remember that time they one shotted a white dragon.

Maccath would like the party to check the scriptorium as she believes some things she needs are held there. They shove everything into the bag, and label it all 11.
In this room they find a hole in the floor leading into Old White Death’s lair. Lashing two ropes together, administering blessings, invisibility and protection from energy around the room, then it is time to get it on.

Humphrey Augustus Greycastle drops to the floor, remembering to hold the rope at the last minute. After some confusion as to how many ropes it will take to descend to the pillar below, then to the next bit and the bit after that, it is decided that 3 ropes will do the trick. Fortunately all this confusion took place before Gus descended.

Peren steps up to the role of point, inspired by absence of his normal brain, and scouts the room. Soon hearing scraping noises outside the range of his vision, he continues to head towards the noise. What a galant Warlock he was, was being the operative word.

Suddenly from nowhere Peren is hit by a gaseous cloud. Ding Ding Round 1

WTF is the Dragon is in the minds of the entire party, except for Peren who is busy retching his guts out and crying for Mummy.

Oh great here he is. Harbek looks at the dragon and quickly pulls out his spell book, scans it puts it away and decides now would be a good time to run. And it was that time, yet he
did not run.

The dragon had a bunch of “legendary” actions, which is code for cheating mofo, and flew around kicking our arses in style. Perin overcome by his own stench, was subsequently caught in a freezing breath weapon from the dragon and went down like a sack of spuds. He was convinced he was dead, but no he would live another few rounds yet.

After kicking Kara Bersk arse, the dragon flew down to attack the cleric, and was met with the awesome power of his Guardian of Faith. Soon the dragon fled in fear of his life scared by the power of Harbek’s god. May also have helped that Kara managed to hit with some arrows for once.

Rejoining with their crew on the boat waiting offshore, the adventurers return to Waterdeep in the company of Maccath.

Greenest Finale, Find the Raiders Camp!
Thursday 30th Oct 2014

[…. With little rest after saving the townsfolk who were hiding in the sanctuary Governor Nighthill again asks our heroes to come to the towns aid. ….]

Encounter 1. Save the Mill

Leaving the keep via the secret tunnel our heroes decide speed rather than stealth is needed and take to the road running towards the besieged Mill.

Thankfully a few of our heroes where eagle eyed enough to see that the Mill was in fact a trap, but decide to press on with the attack and clear the Mill of raiders.

The battle outside the Mill was over quickly with the heroes quickly making short work of the small force of kobolds. The battle in side the keep however was a much harder battle , our heroes were outnumbered 2 to 1, their hardest battle yet that saw both the cleric Harbek and Morris fall during the battle of the Mill.

With 2 members down our remaining heroes dispatched the raiders saving Harbek & Morris.

Encounter 2. Champions Fight

Before dawn Langdedrosa Cyanwrath calls out a challenge to the defenders of Greenest… there champion versus him. In exchange he will release 4 prisoners he has captive.

Humphrey Augustus answers the challenge and immediately heads out of the keep to face the half-dragon…

Most thought our hero Augustus would be quickly defeated by Langedrosa but someone the champion of Greenest managed to survive several minutes dueling the half-dragon inflicting many wounds before falling to the beasts greatsword.

[…. The end of the duel signaled the end of the raid, with the raiders leaving Greenest before the sun had fully come up. Meanwhile with the aid of Governor Nighthill’s healers and shear constitution Augustus life was saved. ….]

[…. The next day Governor Nighthill asks our adventures to follow the raiders and learn the location of their camp and gather any information about the raiders they can. ….]

[…. Before the heroes set off to follow the raiders they are approached by a young monk Nesim Waladra who asks the heroes to look for his master Leosin Erlanthar when they reach the raiders camp as he believes that his master was either captured or has sneak into the camp to find out information about the raiders. ….]

Encounter 3. Stragglers

After nearly two days following the raiders tracks, the heroes come across a group of stragglers from the raiding party. The heroes quickly overpower raiders while they are eating and arguing managing to capturing one, who upon questioning alerts the heroes to a rearguard ambush setup further along the pass protecting the raiders camp.

[…. To be continued ….]

Greenest under Attack!
Thursday 16th Oct 2014

[…. With earnest our heroes decided to rush towards Town of Greenest to render aid, reaching the town just before sundown. ….]

Encounter 1. Family Rescue

The heroes came across Linan swift and her husband Cuth and their 3 children fleeing a group of 8 kobolds giving chase across the bridge that leads into town.

After quickly dispatching the kobolds without injury, Linan asks the heroes to help her family reach the keep while there’s still time before the gate is closed.

Encounter 2. Road Block

While sneaking best they can, trying to remain unseen and make their way towards the keep our group finds their path blocked by 3 kobolds and a drake!

Trying to surprise the monsters our rogue and fighter sneak up and fire their bows trying to surprise the monsters, a battle quickly ensures with the monsters meeting a quick end.

[…. Upon reaching the keep Linan and her family the heroes are meet by Escobert the Red the castellan of the keep. Quickly realising our heroes for more than commoners Escobert send the heroes to the roof of the keep to meet Governor Nighthill. Nighthill asks our heroes to capture a prisoner, a commander or low ranking offcier so he can find out what is going on ….]

Encounter 3. Prisoner

Using the old tunnel that runs from the keep’s cellar to the bank of the stream, the players go in search of raiders to capture.

While picking the lock on the tunnel grate, our rogue notices a group of cultists and kobolds searching along the banks of the stream looking for townsfolk. our heroes burst from the tunnel and attacked the group of raiders and manage to take one of the cultists prisoner while cutting down the other raiders.

[…. The party takes a deserved short rest, during which time Nighthill uncovers the identify of the raiders and their mission. Cultists and initiates from the cult of the dragon after loot for their great hoard!
Nighthill again calls upon our heroes after the successful capture of the prisoner to this time make their way over to the town Sanctuary where a number of townsfolk have barricaded themselves inside but are now under threat from 3 groups of raiders ….]

Encounter 4. Sanctuary

Using the old tunnel that runs from the keep’s cellar to the bank of the stream, the players sneak along the stream bank and make their way towards the back of the sanctuary.

With clever planning they easily over power the small group of cultists and kobolds at the back door and manage to convince the frightened townsfolk to leave the sanctuary just as the raiders at the front door being to break it down.

With the townsfolk out of the sanctuary and making their way along the stream’s bank to the old tunnel lead by one of our heroes, our remaining party members setup a defense behind the small stone wall at the back of the sanctuary and dispatch the cultists and kobolds who managed to break through the front door.

While 1 of our heroes sustained severe wounds they all made it back to the keep with the rescued townsfolk and the gratitude of Eadyan Falconmoon.

[…. To be continued ….]

So it begins.....
Campaign log

For the past several days, you have been travelling a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. Sundown is approaching when you top a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town you expected, you see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots at this distance, and a dark, winged shaped wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!


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